The War On Easter: Cadbury Eggs Stopped By Lawsuit

January 23, 2015 | Rhett Jones

First they tried to take our Kinder, now they want our Cadbury Creme Eggs. Due to a lawsuit filed by Hershey’s against the original U.K.-based creme egg chocolate manufacturer Cadbury, imports of products from the company are currently on hold. Hershey’s claims that some products by Cadbury are too similar to it’s own.

According to DNAinfo:

The intellectual property lawsuit, brought by American candy company The Hershey Co. against LBB Imports, claims that various British candies are too similar to those manufactured by Hershey’s and cannot be sold in the United States.

The orange wrappers on British Toffee Crisp candies are too similar to wrappers on Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, for instance, potentially confusing shoppers, Hershey’s claimed in the lawsuit. England’s Yorkie chocolate bars should also be forbidden, because they are too similar in name to Hershey’s York Peppermint Patties, even though they have different packaging and a different shape, the lawsuit says.

Also, Hershey’s holds an exclusive right to produce some other British candies — like Cadbury Creme Eggs — and package them under the same name as the originals, according to the lawsuit.


So, not only are we currently unable to get the original Cadbury eggs but it turns out that many times that egg your are eating is a lie! Hershey’s says that it’s recipe differs from Cadbury’s due to certain American regulations, even though they pay for the rights to the name.

Nick Perry, owner of the NYC-based Tea & Sympathy, is an importer of the real deal chocolate and he tells DNAinfo, “You know what’s behind it, right? Hershey’s doesn’t want people to eat Cadbury’s, because Cadbury’s is so much better, people aren’t going to be buying their filth.”

At the moment it’s unclear whether the dispute will be settled by Easter. You can see a list of Hershey’s complaints below.


(Photo: Cadbury Ad)