Cops Gun Down Fleeing Rock-Throwing Suspect

February 12, 2015 | Monty McKeever

Police in Washington State gunned down a man that was running away from them with his hands up. The incident took place on Tuesday in the city of Pasco, and was caught on camera multiple witnesses.

As reported by King5 news in Washington, the police had been called in to response to reports that the man had been throwing rocks into traffic. The police claim he then assaulted officers, refused to comply, and that their initial attempt to subdue the him with a stun gun had no effect. This part of the incident was not caught on tape, though more than a dozen witnesses watched the incident unfold at a crowded intersection.

From NBC:

Officers responded to a busy intersection Tuesday after receiving reports that a man was throwing rocks at vehicles, according to Police Chief Bob Metzger of the Pasco Police Department.

Metzger said Antonio Zambrano-Montes threw at least one “softball size” rock and did not respond to the officers’ orders to put down the projectiles. He said officers deployed a Taser, but that it had no effect on Zambrano-Montes.

One witness on the scene told the Tri-City Herald that the use of deadly force shocked him, saying, “I really thought they were just going walk up and tackle or tase him, but they opened fire. His back was turned.”

This is the fourth fatal police shooting in Pasco in the last six months.