Photographer Gets High Above Sin City

February 12, 2015 | Bucky Turco

After shooting stunning photos of New York from a helicopter, giving it the appearance of a toy city, photographer Vincent Laforet published aerial shots of Las Vegas for an ongoing series he’s calling “Air.”

According to the lensman, he didn’t use a special filter to achieve the amazing hues. “The neon colors and shapes are just surreal in it of themselves,” he writes. “Keep in mind that I’ve spent a maximum of 30-60 seconds max per photo in terms of color correction – with Adobe’s Lightroom application. What you see here is what the camera is picking up.”

The images, shot from 10,800 feet above Sin City, are so dazzling that they almost make you forget you’re looking down on America’s bastion of degenerate gamblers.

(Photo: Vincent Laforet)