Cast of OITNB Is Really Into NYC’s Tinder Dudes

February 13, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

Comedian and Cosmo writer Lane Moore has turned hunting for love on Tinder into a spectator event with her monthly Knitting Factory show “Tinder Live!” For Valentine’s Day, the cast of Orange is the New Black dropped in for a visit. They were pretty into it.

Beth Fowler, known to you and I as Sister Jane Ingalls, apparently couldn’t keep her hands off nipples of bare-chested men that appeared on the large screen. Lin Tucci, who plays Anita, was into EVERYONE. Even Yoga Jones lost her chill over 28-year-old Hussein. Sadly, he didn’t return the love. When Moore (who uses her image for the account) messaged him asking, “do you like orange is the new black?” he responded saying, “I don’t watch any shows” with some emoji-thing. Don’t worry, ladies. There are plenty of other eligible men to date in NYC.