Today NYC is Colder Than Places In Greenland, Alaska and Antarctica

February 13, 2015 | Nicholas Rohaidy

It’s cold. It’s February in New York City, of course it is cold. After three months of runny noses, perpetually dark skies and bulky coats, it would be easy to dismiss the cries of New Yorkers as winter fatigue.

But at least today, they’re right. It’s brutally cold here even in broader terms. Looking at the the World Bank‘s climate data from 1961-1990, ANIMAL mapped the temperature recorded in Central Park Friday morning against temperatures in cities notorious for their frigid conditions, from the McMurdo Station in Antarctica to the fabled 70-foot snow walls of Mt. Tate-yama in Japan. Each of the locations analyzed has a February “low” average colder than that of New York – but today, New York is the one boasting the lowest temperature.

image (2)

This weekend, it’s supposed to get even colder.

(Image: Jeff Schmaltz/NASA GSFC)