Your 27-Hour Guide to Rocking Out with Ireland’s Temporarily Legalized Drugs

March 10, 2015 | Backdoor Pharmacist

If you don’t already know (or maybe you are already getting booking a flight), a technicality has legalized a lot of drugs in Ireland, but only until 12 AM local time on Thursday, when emergency legislation will take effect. Possession of many drugs is now legal: ecstasy/MDMA/molly, ketamine, crystal meth, all manner of so-called “headshop legal highs” such as stimulants like MDPV or “bath salts;” mephedrone or “plant food;” psychedelics like 2C-I and 25I-NBOMe; synthetic cannabinoids to imitate cannabis; novel benzodiazepine downers like etizolam, phenazepam, and others. The majors — cocaine, cannabis and heroin — are still illegal.

If you’re gonna do a proper rager, you’ll need to minimize what you have coursing through your system. Needless to say, drugs are dangerous, and mixing them creates unpredictable side effects. This is simply what I would do, and I know my own personal limits quite well. Always err on the side of caution; as they say, you can always add more salt, but you can’t remove it once you add too much.

At the time of publication, it’s 8:30 PM local time. It’s getting to be time to head out on the tiles, fight until you see the sunlight, and that means stimulants. Get down a decent meal, don’t stuff yourself, but don’t go too light. You want to have fuel for the whole night, but not throw-up from nausea. No salads here unless they’re from Cheesecake Factory. Cocaine would be ideal, but still illegal, so you can’t do some liver magic with booze and extend the high.

That means you’ll have to head to the “headshop high” stimulant drugs: mephedrone, ecstasy/MDMA/molly, and MDPV. You’re going out, so there’s no reason to have it all with you, particularly because you want to avoid fiending and ODing. Measure out two, three doses at most. That’s all you will carry. That’s all you’ll need. Set a timer, after only six hours will you consider another dose. Don’t get drunk at the same time, it’s dangerous. Nurse a beer or two. Carry with you either water or a sports drink without caffeine. You don’t want to stress your heart out.

small_waggleDominic Simpson/Flickr

The sun’s coming up and a crash is coming. You can cushion it with benzodiazepines, which a hospital would have given you if you ODed on stims earlier. Don’t bother with phenazepam even if you’re tempted by its low cost. It’s not worth it, and phenazepam is the devil.

Don’t overcompensate for the stimulants and increase your dose. The stimulants will wear off. You’ve exhausted your body from an all-nighter, it needs the sleep. Get a big glass of orange juice, chug it, and let yourself slip away. Let yourself sleep in until the afternoon or evening.

5952226236_98e429b3be_zMoyan Bren/Flickr

If I was going to do 27 hours of drug sampling, I’d like to end with something more intimate. Something like a psychedelic; light, because you don’t want to be slammed to your couch by it. Prepare a small meal of something neutral first — chicken korma, bowl of ramen noodles, oatmeal with raisins — don’t get too full. That will make you uncomfortable.

2C-I is preferable, its a lighter touch, and only 10-12mg should be enough to close out the night. If you’re experienced and want a stronger hit, 25I-NBOMe earns its nickname of “N-bomb” from how hard it hits you, and how little it needs to fuck you up. Be wary around it.

Gather some friends, prepare doses for everyone and put on a nature documentary with some good tunes. This is a good time to have some profound conversations, get some things off your chest. Then enjoy the wall warping around. The walls will still be tingling with light when the loophole closes. You might want to end with synthetic cannabinoids or “legal weed,” but don’t. It sucks. Get a real joint.

Have fun; try not to die.

(Photo: Alex Berger)