The Most Effective Hangover Cure for Assholes Is a $250 IV Drip

March 12, 2015 | Liam Mathews

If you drink too much and have a fuckton of disposable income, Hangover Club is for you! For $175-$249, Hangover Club will send a nurse to your home or office within an hour of booking and hook you up to an IV that will provide you with hydration, nausea or pain medication, vitamins and electrolytes (what plants crave). You’ll be back crushing it in startup PR or finance in no time!

According to DNAinfo, customers often get the service at work or during salon visits. One man, whose company is surely delightful, even received the drip while taking an Uber to the airport. Most clients of in-home Hangover Club treatments — which serves all of Manhattan, Williamsburg and Brooklyn Heights and Long Island City — reside in extra-wealthy neighborhoods like Tribeca, the West Village and the Upper East Side. The Hangover Club also offers a bus that drives around the city on Sundays, using the same mobile-clinic principle that often provides health and veterinary services for impoverished communities. Treatments on the bus are more affordable, but don’t offer the same level of babying.

The service is probably effective (for $250, it better be), and hangovers are a bummer. Customers testify that they feel better within 10 minutes and are ready to resume their lives after a half hour. So by all means, if you have the money, go ahead and order yourself a rich man’s mimosa.

(Photo: Allan Foster)