What’s Up With This Apocalyptic RV in the Lower East Side?

March 13, 2015 | Liam Mathews

With its matte black color, bars on the windows, and grim-ass dungeon chains, this spooky RV is perplexing residents of the Lower East Side’s Baruch Houses. The RV, which Bowery Boogie managed to snap a photo of before being caught and devoured by mutants, is often parked on Baruch Drive near the Williamsburg Bridge. It’s been spotted at East 4th Street and Avenue B as well.


Bowery Boogie assumes from its cleanliness and decor that it’s a residence, to which we respond: haven’t you seen Breaking Bad? That’s obviously a mobile drug lab. Or a murder chamber. Or a survivalist fortress whose owners should be befriended, because they’re obviously prepared for the apocalypse. If you see it, though, don’t get too close. You don’t want to get The Road-ed.

If you know anything about the eerie RV, shoot us an email at tips@animalnewyork.com.

(Photo: Bowery Boogie)