Vision Zero Could Require Front-Seat Cab Riders to Wear Seat Belts

April 21, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

There’s a “little-known loophole” in the law that doesn’t require front seat passengers and children under 16 from wearing a seat belt in a cab, the New York Daily News but a new proposal in the works may change that. According to one city official, the de Blasio administration is seeking to require front seat riders and anyone under 16 to wear a seat belt in a cab as part of the Vision Zero initiative to end all traffic-related deaths in New York City.

The Daily News reports:

If enacted, the parent or guardian riding with an unbuckled youngster could be charged with a violation, mayoral spokesman Wiley Norvell said. The minimum fine would be $25. The maximum would be $100.

Under the proposal, front-seat passengers would be fined a minimum of $25 if they’re not wearing a seat belt. Some New Yorkers, however, wondered how the law would be enforced.Cabbies would not be ticketed if passengers don’t comply with the law, Norvell said.

The City’s law department is currently drafting the proposal, which will then be sent to the state legislature.

(Photo: Tristan Legros)