Commute Ruined By Terrible Irish Subway Performers Known As U2

May 5, 2015 | Liam Mathews

U2 is one of the biggest bands in the world that no one actually likes (the biggest and least-liked is Nickelback, so U2 probably comes in second). Remember when they put their shitty album on everybody’s phone? On Monday, they posted up in Grand Central like their presence isn’t an unwanted disruption and entertained some tourists who don’t know any better.

Gothamist’s lede on their report of U2’s subway takeover is damn perfect:

“U2 seems to enjoy forcing their music on people unexpectedly, and yesterday, straphangers navigating Grand Central’s subway labyrinth were coerced into attending a concert with Bono & Friends, who performed ‘Angel of Harlem’ by the 42nd Street S shuttle. Cute that you thought you’d be able to read in peace.”

This is what happens when “Only in New York” goes wrong. Look at this:

#Repost @u2italianfans ・・・ #u2 #jimmyfallon #ny #metrostation #angelofharlem

A video posted by U2 Radio – Kevin (@u2radio) on

Bono is out here looking like wack Heisenberg acting like he’s doing something good. Fortunately, they did this on the 42nd Street shuttle, which is mostly used by tourists, so they weren’t actually interrupting too much. But if they had pulled this shit in Union Square or someplace like that, it would not have been cute. If I encountered U2 during my commute, I would not be amused. I would be very upset. U2 is a garbage band. They are taking busking real estate away from hardworking musicians who are down there every day hustling and getting hassled and are often actually good.

I’m being unfair to U2. The Joshua Tree is a great album. But Bono’s toolishness has ruined all goodwill forever.

(Photo: Danny Hammontree)