A Store In Soho Lets You 3D Print A GI Joe-Sized Version Of Yourself

June 3, 2015 | Liam Mathews

It used to be that a person could only own an action figure version of themselves if they happened to act in a superhero movie and had a toy version of their character made. But now, DNAinfo reports that a 3D printing company called DOOB has opened a store in Soho where any wanker with some disposable income can come in off the street and get a realistic scale replica of themselves printed and shipped to their home within a couple of weeks.

It works like this: the person (or dog, pets are welcome) steps inside of the photo chamber, where 54 cameras take a 360-degree, high-speed shot. The data is then sent to DOOB’s workshop in Sunset Park’s Industry City, where the figurine gets printed and painted and dipped in a glue-like hardening agent.

DOOB, a Dusseldorf-based company, developed the technology for medical applications, but now are using it to create products that they hope eventually replace traditional portraiture.

The store is at the corner of Wooster and Grand. Mini-Me prices range from $95 for a 4-inch version to $695 for a 14-incher.

(Photo: DOOB)