Turn Your Kid’s Drawing Into a 3D-Printed Sculpture

January 8, 2013 | Andy Cush

The parents among you might consider this the next time you’re looking for that killer gift for your small child: CrayonCreatures, a service from Spanish designer Bernat Cuni, turns kids’ drawings into multicolored, 3D-printed sculptures. For the mere price of $150 (plus $20 shipping if you’re in the states) your child’s animals, monsters, and various abstractions can be turned into wonderful, tangible objects–featuring each pencil stroke and crayon line, meticulously recreated.

“I feel CrayonCreatures is a 3D printing application where the value is not on the fabrication process itself but in the service that it provides,” Cuni said. “Often some 3D printed objects and projects rely on the technological ‘wow’ factor of 3D printing, and I try to avoid that.”

Check out more CrayonCreatures sculptures in the gallery above.