Staten Island Man Went 6 Weeks Without Realizing He Won a $136 Million Powerball Jackpot

June 4, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

Anthony Perosi, a self-described gambler, keeps all of his lottery tickets on a wall behind a copper pipe in his basement. That’s where a ticket with the numbers “08, 14, 39, 46, 47 and Powerball 18” was hiding for the past 6 weeks before he realized that he was the winner of a $136 million Powerball jackpot, reports the
Daily News.

Perosi had heard a report that the winning March 14 lottery ticket came from the 7-11 that sold him his, but after a friend told him that someone had come forward to claim it, he didn’t think to look at his numbers. Then, according to the Daily News, after he was down on his luck (his truck broke down), he went back to his special hideaway and checked his tickets. That’s where he discovered the special ticket.

Perosi, a plumber, plans to split the earnings with his only son, a salesman. They’ll receive lump sums of $38,612,055 and $16,548,023 after taxes, respectively.

What is he going to do with all that money?

It doesn’t seem like he’s going to change much. He plans to keep working, continue gambling, and travel to the exotic lands of upstate New York. “I still play,” he said. “I actually bought a Mega ticket yesterday.” Good man.

(Photo: NBC News)