Floating Sculpture Shipwrecked In Gowanus Canal

July 2, 2015 | Liam Mathews

A floating orb made from old pieces of trash that was meant to signify brighter days for the filthy canal got crab-bucketed by even older pieces of trash and pulled to the bottom, DNAinfo reports. The Harvest Dome, built by architects Alexander Levi and Amanda Schachter out of 450 discarded umbrellas and 128 plastic bottles, had floated atop the fetid water for 18 months until one of its anchors became tangled in the sunken remains of another vessel on the floor of the canal and it drowned.

“It’s like some kind of film noir thing where the past of the canal is dragging down this new thing,” Alexander Levi told DNAinfo. “It was like Darth and Harvest Dome was Luke.”

The orb was soon to be removed anyway, because dredging is soon to begin on the Superfund-designated canal. But the old gods were like, “no, if we’re going down, you’re coming down with us.” So the EPA will dredge the Harvest Dome out along with the rest of the muck.

(Photo: Alexander Levi)