Aw, famous actor Gérard Depardieu! Don’t want to pay France’s really rising taxes on the rich? No matter. Come, come to Russia’s sleepy charming city of Saransk and enjoy their now-famous 13% income-tax… and that’s just the advertised rate. Ask ’em about their specials, wink wink.

Depardieu officially became a Russian citizen yesterday and happily, because “Depardieu said he admires Russia for its history and great artists.” Yes. That.

Since waging a public huffing war against the French Socialist government’s proposed 75% (whoah) tax rate on the very, very rich, Depardieu was all like, fuck it, I’m going to Russia, I hear rich people are treated very well over there. And Russia was all like, fuck yeah! The burley gentleman has been welcomed with open arms, a personal lunch in the Sochi winter resort with President Putin himself, a free apartment, a “job” offer of cultural minister, fawning press coverage and cats.

He is thi-i-i-i-is happy.

(Photo: English Russia)