Hero’s Journey, Not Told By Your English Teacher

01.02.13 Irina Dvalidze

We all know the term “Hero’s Journey.” Every high school English teacher has tried to beat the formula into unwilling heads, in an effort to simplify the story-line for Beowulf and every monomyth ever.

If only there was a simpler, more entertaining way to deliver that information to bored kids that didn’t include stick-figure doodles on a chalkboard. Thanks to TED Education, now there it.

Mathew Winkler sums up the concept of “Hero’s Journey,” extensively discussed in Joseph Campbell’s book “The Hero With a Thousand Faces” through a sleek 4 minute animation, that is actually relevant to the Generation Z (Also known as the iGeneration and Generation@. We wish we were kidding.).

Alright, maybe you don’t care about the Harry Potter and Hunger Games analogies because you are old, but tween/teens are gonna read, gonna read, gonna read.