One Man’s Documentary About Stalking Adam Sandler

January 7, 2013 | Andy Cush

David Seth Cohen is a guy who once worked as a production assistant on an Adam Sandler film (the comedian, not the racist Times Square Elmo). Sandler, who is apparently Cohen’s idol, once offered Cohen a drink after he delivered a costume to Sandler’s apartment, and Cohen declined. Fourteen years of “sleepless nights” later, Cohen is still really upset about this.

So what does he do? He makes a documentary about hunting down the Waterboy, to take him up on that drink once and for all. Watching the above Kickstarter trailer–which features pretty awesome cameos from Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider (“I want to have a drink with Adam Sandler, and I don’t even drink!”) and wrestling legend Mick Foley (“I will body slam you in front of Adam Sandler while you’re having that drink”)–it’s hard to tell whether you should be charmed by Cohen’s perseverance and optimism or weirded out by his fixation on an event that passed a decade and a half ago.

“Will David find Adam Sandler? Will they have that drink?  Will it live up to his expectations?” goes the film’s Kickstarter page, earnestly. “While the final outcome is a mystery, it’s during this inspirational adventure that David realizes on his mission to Finding Sandler…he finds himself.”