Pamela Geller’s Latest Anti-Muslim Ads Get Beautified

January 9, 2013 | Andy Cush

Pamela Geller has a history of running ugly, hateful anti-Muslim ads around the New York City subway system, and New Yorkers have a history of defacing, modifying, and otherwise beautifying them. Last month, the right-wing blogger unveiled a brand-new series of ads, featuring images of the burning Twin Towers next to passages from the Qur’an. Recently a group of activists updated the ads with some beautifully simple signage: stickers reading “Caution: This is war propaganda. You’re the target.”

An anonymous source explained the action to Mondoweiss:

These ads must be understood as war propaganda that target regular Americans, the public that is exposed to them.” He continued, “Yes, the ads are clearly hateful and racist. But the additional thing to realize is that by vilifying and dehumanizing Muslims, they work to conscript people into supporting the U.S. government’s ongoing covert and overt wars, and the related violence and injustices suffered by Muslims here in the United States.

Incidentally, an intrepid redditor spotted this charmingly DIY protest to the ads today as well.

(Photo: Mondoweiss)