Yung Jake Drops Augmented Music Video App

January 10, 2013 | Marina Galperina

He’s back. Our favorite net art rapper Yung Jake — the maker of the original “Datamosh” video and the most amazing interactive experience “E.m-bed.de/d” returns with an augmented reality video you can only view as an app we’ve been dying to share with you.

“Augmented Real” — it’s FREE, don’t stress.

And it also… next level.

Just find “Yung Jake” the app, download it to your phone, turn those speakers up, point it at this rock and go nuts. You’ll be mad that you can’t touch him.

Can we just say, KUDOS?

Also, shout out to Yung Jake and “E.m-bed.de/d,” the Sundance 2013 Official Selection for their New Frontiers art section.

I believe this is called #swag?