Watch This Taxi Driver School Russian Traffic Cops, Over and Over

February 5, 2013 | Marina Galperina

We’ve already discussed the various reasons why Russians have dash-cams, reasons which may or may not be tank related. But here’s one Russian driver who isn’t intimidated by the legally-sporadic and “allegedly” bribe-happy traffic police.

Meet Russian taxi driver Nikitta Rumyantsev who knows his traffic laws. All of them. Verbatim. And when the cops who stop him along the highways don’t, he’s not shy about looking it up on his smart phone whilst being a smart ass. It’s kind of painful to watch, considering the wrath of these uniformed individuals played up on the Russian blogosphere.

So notorious is his detailed schooling of the traffic police, his public YouTube channel is becoming legendary on the Ru-web and the cops know him by face and name. Here’s a recent pleasant exchange.

“Hello, Nikita… Are you sober?” “No, I am drunk as shit.” “Drunk as shit… Ok, drive on then. Good bye.”

So positively pleasant, it’s almost surreal.