Spider-Man Accused of Punching Mom in Times Square

February 11, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

With great power come allegations of punching a mom in Times Square.

Philip Williams, the costumed Spider-Man in question, was arrested for assault when he hit the woman after she didn’t toss him some money after posing for a photo with her two kids. The mom came back with her husband, who started beating Williams with a backpack. Spider-Man can’t defend himself from a backpack? Weak.

A different Spider-Man witnessed the ordeal and was almost the target of the backpack wrath:

A woman came to me and said, ‘What did you do to me, you f–ker?’ Her husband came over and said it was a different Spider-Man. They went over to the other one and started fighting.

We already know that Times Square characters don’t have the best reputation, so these accusations don’t help. Other Spider-Mans hanging around Times Square should be aware of this new villain called the Backpack. Sounds like a tough customer.

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(Photo: Victoria Pickering/Flickr)