Super Future: Actually Huizenga’s Gorgeous Lynchian Stripper Nightmare Video and Interview

February 13, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Blood. Bunnies. Strippers. Violence. Diamonds. Sexy nacho chips. NSFW. “If you prefer GIFS over Nips,” Los Angeles musician and performance artist Ashley “Actually” Huizenga says, “here is the YouTube, Rated PG13 version!”

So here’s what might happen. First you’ll get entranced by those strange videos that compliment Actually’s scintillating pop. You may make a comparison to Jeff Koons’ ex-wife Ilona Staller — a funny, on-and-over-the-top-sexual, magical blond creature, like in her “Tropical Winter”. Then you’re going to get hypnotized by “Super Future,” its vixens slithering over Lynchian reds, comedically opulent drug scenes, sexy sex sex. This new video written and directed by Actually, which will make you feel very uncomfortable when violent naked things happen in the forrest. But that’s ok, there will be bunnies. Here’s ANIMAL’s interview. Actually, darling? Please explain everything.

What’s you best bunny-raising tip?

Lots of hay for them to make nests.

Is the sex simulated in the video or is it happening?


What inspired the story of “Super Future?”

The song is pretty much about a great relationship gone wrong in a sorta Ridley Scott ( Blade Runner ) vs Mel Gibson ( Apocalypto ) Future. As for the video – I had a crazy expensive future mansion vision when I wrote it. But in December I did a poll asking Facebook fans which song they wanted a video for and “Super Future” won. I was scared because I only had $300 to spend. I used the strip club Cheetahs and threw down some medium personal bucks on the 100 thread count red satin sheets and insta-snow from the Internet.

Who are your film influences for the video? We sense Lynch. Is that accurate?

David Lynch is Definitely Accurate!! YES!

Which city has the best strip clubs and why?

Portland and then second runner up would be Athens, Greece. Polar opposites. Portland – really hot college art girls along side plastic Armenian awesomeness. Were they even Armenian? Not sure… I was soooo drunk. Athens – really sad, beautiful Russian confusion.

Can you talk a little bit about your work at PS1 and with SSION?

I was briefly living in this crazy 50s-flashback area of Queens when I attempted to ” live” in New York. Cody had a show and he asked me to perform with him on a song about girls. I said YES and had an amazing time. Cody is an ANGEL.

What was the most trouble you’ve gotten for a performance?

I played a show near the beach in San Francisco with my old band and some hippies with teddy bears on their Heads called my guitarist a fag ( because he looked hot like one) and threw a flower pot at him and a beer bottle at me… Hitting both of us in the face. We finished the song and on the last note we jumped off stage and tackled the teddy heads.

What is love? (Baby, don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me no more.)

An excuse for lust.