The Canyons Got Picked Up By IFC, Woo-hoo!

February 15, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Remember when the internet was all like waa-waa what’s with this The Canyons movie is it even coming out waa-waa-waaaa? Well, IN YOUR FACE! Hold on, I need James Deen’s help for this…

[Insert a gratitutously pornographic GIF here involving someone’s face accosted by a James Deen apendage of your choice here*]

IFC is picking up The Canyons for an early summer release and will be shown with a special presentation at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. There will be a conversation with Paul Schrader and New York Film Festival director of programming Kent Jones. It’s also going on to be released on digital and on-demand platforms, as planned, but first, the Lincoln Center WHAT WHAT!

When ANIMAL interviewed Paul Schrader about his ultra-micro-budget Bret Easton Ellis project, the Taxi Driver and Mishima director genius didn’t sound like he was counting on such a legitimate release. James Deen told us he was just excited to be part. After trailers and trailers and porn news and porny news, we’ve been waiting and waiting. Now we wait ’till summer. “Good looking young people in nice rooms doing bad things.” Megalomaniac film directors. Lost actresses. Meta. Muuurder?

Kent Jones says,

On one level, ‘The Canyons’ is a visually and tonally precise, acid-etched horror story of souls wandering through a hyper-materialistic hell, with a fearless and, I think, stunning performance by Lindsay Lohan at its center; on another level, it’s an inspiration and an example to us all: it’s difficult for me to imagine another filmmaker of Paul Schrader’s stature diving into the world of crowd-sourced moviemaking, let alone with such fervor, dedication and rigor.

See you there.

Also, *Sorry you had to do that one yourself, but we’ve had a lot of porn in the last 24 hours already so, you know.