Nepalese “Beware Of Dog” Signs Are Hilarious, Art

February 15, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

Has that ferocious ferret of yours been attacking the neighborhood kids again? Maybe you wish there was some way to warn potential home intruders of the bloody fate that awaits them when they cross paths with your guard-chihuahua?

Now there is, thanks to artist Michelle Page, who specializes in custom-made variations on the classic metal “Beware of Dog” sign. For a modest price, you can honor your pet AND protect your home — Himalayan Folk Art style — with a menacing portrait of your pet accompanied by a written warning in Nepalese and/or English.

“Your pet’s portrait can be rendered in the naïve, almost primitive style that results in a ‘doggie mug shot,’ or it can have a playful smile, a wary and growling demeanor, or a dangerous gleam in its eye,” the artist writes on her website. “In America as in faraway Nepal, these signs can be as effective as any alarm system, and are practical for indoor or outdoors.”

Whether you opt for the traditional “Be Aware of Enlightened Dog” or “Pugnacious Cat” sign, or would rather caution passersby that “Large Tongues Provide a Sizable Area For Heat Loss,” with Nepal Art Dogs, the sky’s the limit. Look through a whole lotta these above for inspiration, or dream up your own original pet-warning sign and turn it into a reality.