Submit Your NC-17 #Vine/Art/Porn to #VeryShortFilmFest Now, Become Famous

February 18, 2013 | Marina Galperina

If you haven’t submitted your 6-second Vine to our Unofficial Vine NC-17 #VeryShortFilmFest, this is your final reminder. You have until midnight tomorrow, Tuesday 2/19, to submit by making video art, porn, porny video art or arty porno video (or something else fun, whatever) by Vining and Tweeting your vid with the hashtag #VeryShortFilmFest or emailing us a 6 second video with sound to tips@animalnewyork.com with the subject “VeryShortFilmFest.”

TL;DR background: Vine is an App. It’s like Instagram for 6 second videos with sound. It’s been just slapped NC-17 rating. Boo. Fuck censorship! And so, we’re throwing the Unofficial Vine NC-17 #VeryShortFilmFest without asking them. Judges: Stoya, Casey Neistat, Clayton Cubitt, Nate “Igor” Smith and Zoetica Ebb. Yes, that Stoya. Prizes: $100 for #1, $10 + ANIMAL stickers for runners up. Finalists with be features in an online and IRL art exhibition and screened at the Panic! Cinema film festival in Paris. What should you submit? Stuff that looks like/is art and/or explicit stuff. Now hurry up and TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS about the…

We encourage international submissions of any degree of salaciousness by artists/filmmakers/pornographers/etc. Entries will be judged based on aesthetics, impact, creative use of the medium and bravery.

Casey Neistat is a New York-based filmmaker with an HBO showno fear and hell of a lot to teach you.

Stoya is an International Porn Superstar, activist and an enigma wrapped in a mystery swinging off aerial silk, right into your heart.

Clayton Cubitt aka Siege is a notorious, possibly magical Brooklyn and New Orleans-based photographer and filmmaker, storyteller and eyebrow-raiser in the best way. Consider his orgasmic project Hysterical Literature.

Nate “Igor” Smith is Driven By Boredom. He’s a New York photographer, blogger, man about town, friend of the porn industry and maker of amazing images.

Zoetica Ebb is a Moscow-born, LA-raised artist, writer and photographer currently working on The Secret Guide to Alternative Beijing — a video travel guide series giving insight into the skyrocketing alternative art, fashion, music, and nightlife culture in Beijing — and beastly botanical art series Alien Botany. And she may be from space.

And don’t worry. The internet police isn’t going after you. Vine’s Terms of Service do not explicitly prohibit explicit imagery, so do it to it.

ANIMAL’s Unofficial Vine NC-17 Very Short Film Festival is not affiliated with Vine or Twitter. Background image: Petra Cortright