Russian Meteorite on Dashcam:
Now Even More Epic!

February 21, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Remember when that 10-ton meteorite fell 30,000 mph into a Russian lake and suddenly, all these dashcam videos popped up online and you were like waaaaaa?

And then the whole internet is like, WHY DO RUSSIANS HAVE DASH CAMS?!!! And then this ANIMAL article from 2012 — Dash-Cams: Russia’s Last Hope for Civility and Survival on the Road — explained everything?

And then, John Stewart. What’s up, John Stewart bb? You even mention that tank. Cool. Want to hang out and talk about dashcams?

Well, above is something real epic — all the dashcam meteorite footage cut to dramatic movie music. Because that shit was like watching a movie. Only for real. Russia is the New Aesthetic.