This Toilet Made of Snow
Is Totally Art

February 28, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

Jeremy Bena, an art student from Kansas City, capitalized on a snow day by exercising his abilities. Behold Bena’s Snow Toilet.

“I’m an art student, just having fun, trying to make the most of the weather out here. I figured I would, you know, make a toilet,” Bena says in the video, seemingly unaware of the ground he has broken in snow art.

This snow toilet is art. Bena’s intention was a pun-driven commentary on the “crappy weather,” and while blunt and maybe a little corny, a snow toilet does execute his message brilliantly. Props to you, Jeremy. You made some art.

Samer, what the hell. Yes, it’s art, but its metaphor relies on pun only, therefore it’s crap. No pun intended. Not every crude representational sculptural object is “Art” art.  

But yeah, thanks a lot, Duchamp, for pimping out that one good gimmick thereby opening up the flood-gate of toilet art, you’re a real champ. Ed. note, Marina Galperina