Brooklyn Is Getting a New Gallery, a Net Art Gallery

March 1, 2013 | Marina Galperina

“Transfer,” what a perfect name for an IRL AFK net art gallery. L Magazine/Art F City reports: opening on March 16th, indie curator Kelani Nichole’s Transfer kicks things off with Alexandra Gorczynski (seen above.) Nichole (of the get>put> project) has previously worked with our favorites F.A.T. Lab.

Kelani Nichole tells Whitney Kimball: “We’re building a stripped-down e-commerce platform, where we’re going to sell smaller collection items of editioned work ahead of the show… It’s a sort of Kickstarter spirit, where you can collect smaller pieces in order to support the artists’ work.” If you’re thinking about ways to monetize digital art, Nichole’s plans to sell Lorna Mills‘ GIFs on digital devices along with limited inkjet prints, books, and other digital-physical art objects is exciting! We first heard about the new gallery from Rollin Leonard, who plans on digital-based physical installations for his own solo show at Transfer. (Hey, Whitney, I found a Rollin GIF too!)