Weed Vending Machines Coming to California

March 22, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

California weed-smokers no longer have to go through the grueling inconvenience of dragging themselves to a dispensary. Hurray, weed vending machines.

At least three dispensaries in L.A. are already using the technology, and several companies, such as Orange County’s Dispense Labs, have begun marketing different products to weed shops throughout the Golden State. Dispense Labs’ machines use extreme security measures, such as requiring pre-approved membership cards and thumb print scans to verify that the customer is indeed shopping for “medical” reasons. Once the patient is approved, they can choose from around 800 different options. That’s got to take a while.

However, it’s unlikely that card carrying tokers will be able to (legally) pick up their Grand Daddy Purp from a vending machine at the mall or by the movie theater any time in the near future, mostly due to all the security hazards involved with keeping mass quantities of weed in public view… Good thing there’s still that guy named Cheese who sells dime bags behind Wendy’s for emergencies.