Glorious Free Props and Costumes Giveaway in the East Village Tomorrow!

April 5, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

Ever wonder where all those nifty props, set pieces, and period costumes go once a play stops running? The East Village’s Fourth Arts Block has come up with a “junk” repurposing solution where everyone wins: tomorrow they will be giving away old furniture, clothes, and other theatrical goodies to the public for free. I repeat, FOR FREE.

The event, called Load OUT!, takes place tomorrow between noon and 3 pm, and includes all kinds of arty fun, like a Fabric Sculpture Workshop and a “Scrapyard Challenge” where where attendees can learn to build simple electronic doodads out of discarded “junk.” Did we mention you can haul off all the free stuff you can carry?

Here’s the catch: admission is free for artists and art students, but costs $5.00 for non-artist commoners. However, FABnyc’s website does not specify how they will determine whether you are an “artist” (what IS “art,” anyway?), so there may be a way to get around the fee. Either way, though, $5.00 isn’t much to pay for the hoarder’s dream-come-true that awaits you.

Learn more about the giveaway, RSVPing to the workshops, donations, etc., here.

(Photo: fourthartsblock/Flickr)