Create Your Own Virtual Rollercoaster Ride With Google Street View Hyperlapse

April 11, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

From kaleidoscopic Rorschach tests to fractal persian rugs, Google Maps has its nifty artsy uses. This might be the greatest one yet: Google Street View Hyperlapse, aka your favorite new time-sucker.

Created by Canadian digital studio Teehan + Lax, the program stitches together thousands of images from Google Street View to create gorgeous, dizzying animated films that combine “time lapse and sweeping camera movements typically focused on a point-of-interest.”

The best part: you can create your own, simply by dropping pins on Google Maps. The designers recommend mapping along straight roads, tunnels, and bridges for a more serene effect. Up for a wild ride? Try zigzagging around New York City with some party jams blasting through your headphones. Just don’t blame us if you barf all over your keyboard.