Watch Them Watch Emily’s Video:
Eva and Franco Mattes
at Nighthawk Cinema

April 16, 2013 | Marina Galperina

So, this one time, notorious contemporary artists Eva and Franco Mattes showed a couple of people the most horrible videos ever made, dug out of the internet, still embedded in the volunteers brains, goddammit. Their YouTube-style reaction videos were edited into Emily’s Video. It’s a brilliant, devastating 15-minute work of video art.

Last seen at the Moving Image Contemporary Video Art Fair, the Mattes Emily’s Video will be screening at Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg this weekend before Orson Welles’ art forgery film F for Fake. So you can see video art on a big screen, watch a good movie and drink beer and eat food and stuff. Not bad. Not Bad.

Saturday, April 20, and Sunday, April 21, at noon (be there at 11:30am). The artists will be present on Sunday.