Ryan Gander and Cory Arcangel Do Fashion

April 22, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Artist Ryan Gander is entering into the world of fashion, collaborating with Tokyo-based firm A.Four Labs. The British artist has created a starry pattern which will be used to create jackets, scarves, and t-shirts for the upcoming menswear line. The design is a familiar one — it appeared previously in Gander’s work, specifically The Universe as I knew it at aged 5.

“The garments themselves function on a number of levels; each is to be worn, enjoyed and lived in, yet there is the added dimension of the artist’s research, development and practice instilled in each piece. The artist’s work let loose in the everyday world,” Gander’s PR statement syas. Nevertheless, the artist’s foray into fashion is not an entirely serious one as Gander has also created what he likes to call “a tongue-in-cheek bastardised version of a Hermès scarf.”

In addition this, the Brooklyn-based artist Cory Arcangel is also working on what he likes to call “Arcangel Surfwear”, designed explicitly for surfing the web of course. But we don’t know what it looks like, so whatever.

(Image: ARTInfo)