The Jogging’s First Group Show in NYC Opens Thursday

April 23, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Do you know The Jogginga loose group of artists that each contribute artworks to a single shared Tumblr account. The project, initially founded by Brad Troemel and Lauren Christiansen is said by many to be singlehandedly responsible for defining the aesthetic taste of art on the internet today. Or something. The Jogging is being featured in their first group exhibition this Thursday at Baboo Fine Art Printing and Graphic Solutions. As far as we know, that’s a real company that prints things and not a project masquerading as a company that prints things.

So, yes. The Jogging is stuff like this:

Water Bottle, 2013 Digital Flash Photography

and this:

James Franco contemplating Jeffrey Deitch on the eve of his favorite holiday, 2013

And they accept submissions. So see you there. AFK (As far as we know.) Group Show, Various Artists, Baboo Fine Art Printing and Graphic Solutions (37 West 20th St), Opening Apr 25th 6-9pm, Manhattan.