Help Put a Giant Music Box on Governors Island

April 26, 2013 | Andy Cush

Three Brooklyn-based artists want to put a 10-foot interactive music box on Governors Island for this year’s Figment art festival, but they need your help–to the tune of $3,500. Naturally, the’yre turning to Kickstarter. Geddes Levenson, Ashley Goeller, and Kelly Goeller envision a giant box with two spools and two handles–one for the melody, one for the harmony–so that multiple people can play the music at once. And in a stroke of Terry Riley-style inspiration, the music’s composer arranged the notes so that they’d sound good together no matter what, ensuring the piece will sound completely different each time that it’s played.

If that sounds at all appealing–and why wouldn’t it? –head to Kickstarter.