Photographer Captures Lastest In String of East Village Blazes

April 29, 2013 | Bucky Turco

The East Village has been on fire lately, but not in a good way. Each week, it seems like something new is engulfed in flames. On April 8th it was cars. A little over a week later, an apartment in a high rise building caught fire resulting in a fatality. Four days after that, a popular Korean eatery and its 30,000 Jazz records were badly damaged. And just yesterday, there was another blaze, making the incendiary occurrences a certifiable trend. Photographer/stuntman/actor, Dean Neistat, reports:

A small fire started on the rooftop deck of an East Village apartment on East 7th Street and Avenue C. It quickly spread and engulfed the entire apartment. The FDNY dispatched several companies and had the fire under control within minutes of their arrival. One apartment was completely destroyed and another severely damaged. No casualties were reported.

Click through the gallery above to see his shots. (Photos: Dean Neistat)