Richard Prince Made a Composite of Jerry Seinfeld’s Girlfriends,
Because He Can

April 29, 2013 | Marina Galperina

After a triumphant overturn of the Cariou vs. Prince last week — a.k.a. the End of Copyright as We Know It (or something like that; it’s too early to tell; calm the fuck down) — Richard Prince must surely be pleased.

First of all, he’s off the hook for appropriating (almost) all those Rasta photographs. Second of all, he’s just set a colossal legal precedent —  “that the law does not require that a new work of art comment on any of its source material to qualify as fair use” — and this affects all artists (and Shepard Fairey, who ignored my polite reaction interview requests.) Third of all, he can make stuff like this with a gloating, unyielding swagger.

Behold! Jerry’s Girl, a new print from Two Palms Press. “This a composite of all of Jerry Sienfeld’s girlfriends,” Richard Prince explains. “There were 57 over the course of the show.” It’s an edition of 57 and available soon. ROFL.