East Village Buidling to Be Wrapped in Fabric, For Art

May 1, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

While most of us are packing away our sweaters for the summer, Brooklyn-based artist Amanda Browder has some cozy plans for one building in the East Village. Commissioned by the local nonprofit Fourth Arts Block, Browder wants to wrap an entire East fourth street building in strips of multi-patterned fabric.

The artist, who has previously created similar site-specific fabric sculptures in Greenpoint and Chicago, envisions a completed product that looks like someone is “pouring something over the top of the building.”

The work will go up on September 28th for FAB’s annual art festival. Like many other public art installations, it will be very temporary — possibly on display for one day only due to permitting issues. But that doesn’t discourage Browder, who has already collected 60 pounds of fabric. She predicts that she’ll need another 40 pounds to complete the work, and is adamantly reaching out for donations and helping hands — she will even teach volunteers to sew.

“What I like about the donation part is I get to meet a lot of the people who are donating to the project,” Browder said. “It is an access point to be able to connect with a huge sculpture.”

To donate fabric or volunteer for a workshop, email the artist.