BRCK: A Backup Generator for the Internet, Finally

May 6, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

What happens when you can’t connect to the internet on-the-go? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Ushahidi, a non-profit tech company based in Africa is hoping to change all that with what they call “a backup generator for the internet.” BRCK is not exactly a new technology, but it’s a great way to use older technology yet much more wisely. It works essentially the same way a cellphone does — by switching between ethernet, wireless, 3g and 4g networks seamlessly as needed — however, what sets BRCK apart from is its eight hour battery life and the ability to provide a stable internet connection for up to 20 devices. BRCK also integrates other existing services such as Dropbox — for those of us who are really on the go, way the hell out there.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about how durable the device is you don’t need to worry as the company’s motto has always been “if it works in Africa, it will work anywhere.”