This Device Will Tweet At You When Your Baby (Or Anyone Else) Pees

May 8, 2013 | Andy Cush

How did you live so long without a device that sends you a tweet whenever your infant urinates all over him or herself ? It’s a difficult question, but thankfully not one that you’ll have to wrestle with any longer, thanks to Huggies. That company’s Brazilian wing is responsible for TweetPee, a little plastic device in the shape of a cartoon bird that, when affixed to your little one’s diaper, will, yes, send you a tweet whenever he or she urinates all over him or herself. Watch a (Portugese) commercial above.

I see no reason why this thing should be limited to babies, though. I don’t want any of you guys peeing without me knowing about it. You’re all getting one for your birthday this year. Enjoy!