LEBO’s Mural Is Too “Ghetto,” Says Florida City Commissioner

May 9, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

A recent commissioned mural by Cuban-American street artist David “LEBO” Le Batard for the Great Southern Hotel has struck an unwelcome code with Miami City Commissioner Patricia Asseff who told the Miami Herald, and I quote:

We don’t want it to start looking like a ghetto over there.

While the jazz-inspired piece titled “Bee-Bop Into Outer Space” diverged from its original sketches — as artworks do — the changes were only implemented based on the hotel’s “bumpy” wall conditions, forcing the artist to adapt and use spray paint rather than rollers and paint brushes in some places, slightly changing the intended “look” of the piece.

LEBO responded:

 “…what opinion should a politician have on color or pattern design? The whole thing is laughable because not only did I do the mural for free, I actually came out of pocket for materials.”

Also, Ms. Asseff, what ever do you mean by “ghetto” and what exactly about “ghetto” is so objective to your tastes? Please explain yourself on a public platform. Can’t wait.

(Image: MiamiHerald)