3D Print Your Face Onto a Stormtrooper for $100

May 10, 2013 | Andy Cush

There’s always been something troubling about the anonymity the Star Wars films give their most ubiquitous villains. Anytime something bad happens to one of our guys, it’s a whole big thing, but Stormtroopers are obliterated left and right without the audience being asked even for a moment to consider their deaths. Who knows? The troopers could be good people caught in a bad situation. Just ask these guys.

Maybe this new line of toys from Disney will help. If you happen to be in Hollywood, you can have your face 3D-scanned and printed onto the face of an 8-inch Stormtrooper action figure that’s delivered to you a few weeks later. I’m guessing it will come out looking something like the members of that army of white people above.