Create a “Monumental” Virtual Sculpture, Win $1000

May 21, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

If you’ve been waiting for interesting art within the virtual space since Eva and Franco Mattes re-performances in Second Life, here’s something. Cloud Party is a new, free virtual platform that looks and feels familiar, but remains completely in your browser, without any pesky installation processes.

Since the people at Cloud Party have been so kind as to give us a free pass into their virtual world, how about adding some public art to it?

Without such inconvenient things like gravity or money limiting creation within the platform, the contest only has one major stipulation. The judges are seeking a “Monumental Public Work of Art,” whatever that may mean for such an open platform such as this. Pretty much anything could be built quickly and easily using this medium but if you’re feeling in need of some inspiration, check out what Patrick Moya has already contributed to the “world” (above).

Enter by June 12th to win $1000. Here’re the rules and the entry form. Go nuts.