West Villagers Complain Their Way Out of a Bike Share Station

May 22, 2013 | Andy Cush

In the first major victory for the whiners in their ongoing, inexplicable battle against bike share, a group of West Village residents have convinced the Department of Transportation to move a docking station that was originally positioned in front of their co-op building. DOT workers moved the station from the southeast corner of Barrow and Hudson streets to the northeast corner; according to DNAinfo and WNYC, it was the first time a station was pulled based solely on resident complaints.

Many bike share complaints have centered around one of two ridiculous premises: that the stations don’t jibe with the “historical” nature of a particular neighborhood, or that they block cars from accessing certain businesses (proprietors seem not to realize that cyclists, too, are money-spending consumers). In this instance, however, residents complained that the station made the streets too narrow.

“I’m so happy, so thrilled,” said Soraya Mackhrandilall, a resident of the building. “[Our building is] one of the few lucky ones that had the [station] moved with no problems.”

(Photo: Bitch Cakes/Flickr)