Anti-Graffiti Drones
Coming to Germany

May 29, 2013 | Andy Cush

I suppose it was always going to come to this. Deutsche Bahn, the company that runs Germany’s railways, plans to use drones equipped with super-sensitive infrared cameras in an attempt to catch graffiti writers in the act of painting trains. According to the BBC, the drones, which Deutsche Bahn hopes to test soon, will be virtually silent, and capable of identifying vandals at night.

Fortunately, the citizens of Germany seem more concerned with privacy and surveillance than their American counterparts. Two hundred thousand Germans asked to have their homes removed from Google Street View, and German air traffic authorities blocked military drones from taking off and landing in the country’s airspace. No word on any like-minded opposition to the graffiti drones, however.

(Photo: carnagenyc/Flickr)