Die Antwoord’s “Cookie Thumper” Video Is a Little Bit About America and Possibly, Sodomy

June 18, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Die Antwoord newest video for “Cookie Thumper” is all Yo Landi and directed by Ninja himself. It’s prefaced with their signature filmic exposition and then… Well, it’s rather opulent with sexy “all grown up” orphans and controversial Americana imagery to the point of a fetish. Ahem, ahem:

YO-LANDI VI$$ER is a cute young ORPHAN GIRL who has a big crush on a bad-ass GANGSTER BOY called ANIES.
ANIES has just got out of PRISON. INSIDE prison ANIES runs with the notorious NUMBERS gangs.
OUTSIDE prison ANIES runs with the UGLY AMERICAN street gang.
YO-LANDI thinks about ANIES day and night, hoping he will come visit her soon.
Sure it’s fun to fuck with the DARK SIDE.
But careful what you wish for…YOU MIGHT JUST GET IT!

It’s probably more about sodomy than America, as South African gangs have used “American” imagery. But breathe. It’s just art. But, like, terrifying.

And everyone is old. I mean, like, OLD.