Genius Rapper Helps Kids Learn Science

June 24, 2013 | Andy Cush

GZA and a group of NYC students were literally dropping science this weekend, at the final event of Science Genius, a pilot program spearheaded by the Wu-Tang Genius that used rap to to teach biology, chemistry, geology and physics. After a semester-long lead-up, a handful of students battled for science rap supremacy, with the winner bringing home a day’s worth of studio time with the GZA.

Rap Genius has recordings of each contestant’s entry as well as–of course–annotated lyrics. The winner was a song called Quest for Joulery by Jalib, aka high school senior Jabari Johnson. A sample of the knowledge dropped:

These resistance slash demons were kinda holding me back,
And I let’em but the simple way to get me on track was,
Force times displace, Is work no debate
I’ll take that concept apply it to my mistakes,

Bow down.

(Photo: Flowzim/Wikimedia Commons)