Who Wants to Be in
a Matthew Barney Film?

June 27, 2013 | Marina Galperina

“The stairs will be steep and potentially slippery.”
“You must be willing to stay for up to 10 hours.”
“You will be asked to participate vocally, as well as to take part in some guided movement.”

Legendary artist Matthew Barney is filming at the Brooklyn Navy Yard this Saturday, Art F City tells us. here’s still room for a small group of volunteers, click this link –> volunteer <– this one, click it. Lunch and sunscreen will be provided. You’re not going to get paid. You’re going to be in a Matthew Barney film!

The wet stairs that you’ll be scuttling over are inside a replica of Norman Mailer’s New York home on a barge floating on the river. River of Fundament is based on Normal Mailer’s “Ancient Evenings” novel from the ’80s and it’s about “Egyptian mysticism and lore.”

Doesn’t this give you layers, nay, levels of complexly associated feelings?