And Now, a Pornographic Alphabet Book From Stalin’s Favorite Sculptor

July 15, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Glory to Sergey Merkurov! People’s Artist of the USSR, Soviet Academy of Arts alum, director of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and all the rage of pre-1950s Soviet Union! One of the leading figures of the Giant Ass Statues of Soviet Leaders Art Movement! He sculpted and erected a huge number of these monumental statues, including a 160-foot-tall Stalin in Erevan.

And also he made some dirty pictures they had stashed away at an archive. A-Zs of girl on boy and/or on girl and/or on girl on boy and/or boy and/or girl comrades fucking. In watercolor. With some French and South German school of painting influence perhaps. Creative stuff. Many varieties. Physically impressive maneuvering. There’s a great one of a woman holding severed dicks while receiving oral sex from another woman. Not going to read into that one.

See the whole book at this Russian website.