Glory, Hallelujah: G Train Will Get Better Service Soon

July 15, 2013 | Andy Cush

The subway line that’s become more useful as the punchline to a joke among transit-obsessed New Yorkers than it is as an actual train may actually be improving soon. After a full line review, the MTA will begin increasing service on the G if it can secure $700,000 in funding, running rush hour trains every eight minutes (up from 10). The transit authority will also look at adjusting schedules to ease connections to other lines and changing the places on the platform in which the train actually stops, to avoid the “G Train sprint.”

“The G line is a vital connection for customers in fast-growing parts of our service area, and this review will be an important tool for making both short-term improvements and long-term additions to our service,” said MTA chair Thomas Prendergast in a statement. “We are pleased to be able to take these steps to improve service for all of our G train customers.”